Father Initiates Son

On very rare occasions, a father has the privilege and pleasure of being able to initiate his son. Such an occasion occurred at Rivermead Lodge on Tuesday 25 March 2014 when WBro Phil Tadd took the Master's Chair to initiate his son, Bro Paul Tadd.

The ceremony was conducted with great conviction and skill by an obviously proud father. Everyone played his part to the full, seemingly in the knowledge that this was more than an average Initiation. Having delivered a sterling performance, there was a hint of emotion in WBro Phil's voice as he brought the ceremony to a close.

It is always excellent to welcome a new Brother into Masonry but to be present at such an event was special for everyone. Bro Paul subsequently thanked the Lodge and his father and appeared to have been suitably impressed by events.

The picture below shows Bro Paul (left) being congratulated by his father, WBro Phil, (Right).