Passing 11 February 2019

There are many ways to keep a province thriving. One is for Lodges to work together.

An excellent example of this took place on Monday 11 February. Desaguliers Lodge 8324 had no work on while Rivermead Lodge 8278 had a slight backlog. So it was that, at a regular meeting of Desaguliers Lodge, some Rivermead members took some of the offices and the Lodge passed Bro Brian Qualey on behalf of Rivermead 8278.

Both Masters were keen to congratulate Bro Brian. On the left is W.Bro Brian Tippett, Master of Desaguliers Lodge, who performed an excellent ceremony, with the Master of Rivermead Lodge, W.Bro Vic Heakin, on the right. With further visits to each other's Lodges planned, the future suddenly looks much better for both.


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