Son Initiates Father

Tuesday 23 January 2018 saw a truly exceptional day for the Lodge. It is a rare privilege to see a father initiate his son. It is quite exceptional for a son to initiate his father.

It was, therefore, with great pride all around that the Lodge witnessed WBro Phil Bradley (second left below), initiate his father, Bro Graham Bradley (second right below). The Lodge was also honoured to receive an official visit from the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Mark Estaugh (below left), with a retinue of Provincial Officers led by the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, WBro Christopher Clark.

Such an exceptional event could not have been allowed to pass without a group picture being taken. Please click on the thumbnail below to see a full size image. The Festive board was convivial and a happy atmosphere prevailed. With a double Initiation pending at the next meeting, the future is currently looking bright for the Lodge.