Social Event Wrotham 1997

The video below was taken at a Lodge social gathering hosted by WBro John and Mrs Pat Kent at their former home in Wrotham. WBro John held a number of these events, which raised funds for various Lodge and charitable activities. The sad thing about the video is that there are so many Brothers filmed, who are no longer with us; these include a Founder and Grand Officer, WBro Charles Froud, and Past Masters WBro's Ray Ellen, Terry Locke, Rod Letherby and Tony Edwards and a permanent visitor, WBro Len Cockburn. A worrying aspect is how much younger we all look (except the ladies, who haven't aged a day!).

The video is some 9 minutes long and has lost a bit of quality as it has had to be converted from DVD to MP4 format but it is worth watching for the longer standing members to relive the old days and for some of the newer members to see some people, whom they have only ever known by name.

Again, the value of archiving material is very obvious!