Initiation 24 January 2017

Tuesday 24 January 2017 proved to be an excellent day for Rivermead Lodge. Recruitment being key to the future of the Province and Order, the Lodge was delighted to welcome its newest member, Bro David Walker, who was initiated at a very happy and convivial meeting.

While very pleased to welcome a new member, there was yet more to celebrate. At the November meeting, in recognition of their services to the Province and to Rivermead Lodge, the members had unanimously voted to bestow Honorary Membership on our Past Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Jonathan Winpenny and also on our former Group Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro Paul Flowerday. Both of these esteemed Brothers were presented with scrolls to celebrate their new status within the Lodge and each thanked the Lodge appropriately.

The day had to be recorded for posterity. The picture below shows, from left to right, RW Bro Jonathan Winpenny, Past Provincial Grand Master, WBro David Reid, Worshipful Master, Bro David Walker and WBro Paul Flowerday, Assistant Provincial Grand Master.