Cafe Nero Recognises West Kent

On Tuesday 7 May 2013, the Provincial Grand Lodge of West Kent held its annual meeting in the Grand Temple at Great Queen Street. The Temple was full, the meeting enjoyable and the singing by the Indigo Singers (the Provincial Choir) was excellent.

Prior to the meeting, a number of brethren from Rivermead Lodge met in Cafe Nero for a pre meeting drink and chat. WBro Peter Smith, who was to receive his first appointment as Past Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, arrived after the main group and purchased a coffee. As if the assistant was aware of WBro Peter's impending preferment, his coffee was served as shown in the picture below.

This can only mean that Cafe Nero has officially recognised UGLE and the Province of West Kent!

There is, however, a disturbing aspect to this event. I invite everyone to examine the position of the square and compasses as shown on the coffee. Was the assistant actually making a declaration regarding where it is felt WBro Peter actually should be in Masonry?

I don't know the answer to the above question but I do know that the Lodge offers its congratulations to WBro Peter and also to WBro Geoff Waldmeyer on his promotion to Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon.